Van Dyke Beard Styles Collection

Top 20 Best Van Dyke Beard Styles (2019)

Depending on the design, Van Dykes Beard tends to need substantial length beneath the mouth. The growth amount will be notably awkward and frustrating for a few. Moreover, once unstyled associate degreed in an early growth stage, it will look somewhat uncommon.

The most stress-free methodology is to easily grow out a full beard for between fortnight and a month. Once the beard has achieved a satisfactory length, the unwanted growth will be whiskerless away. One month in, the expansion is unlikely to look finished. However, it’s a sturdy start in the right direction.



If the user doesn’t would like to travel via a full beard, an alternative would be to grow out a Goatee-style beard such as a Balbo, Anchor or Circle beard. However, it's crucial that the user doesn’t trim particularly beneath the Soul Patch.

When it comes to selecting a mustache to the team along with your Van Dyke Beard, facial hair, you’re observing a wealth of choices, though a natural mustache typically works best. This is a very inventive vogue that leaves your cheeks swish and includes that definitive, all-important gap between your mustache and beard. The result's a clean, well-framed look that may stand the take a look at of your time.


The Best Van Dyke Beard Styles Collection


1. Disconnected Without Pointy Ends

This style lacks the essential affiliation between the goatee and handlebars, however, it still looks terribly elegant. It conjointly doesn't have the sharp ends, {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} goatee also has an old Dutch curtain look.

2. Blunt and Grown Out

It is superb however a tiny low soul patch will create a large distinction. Although it's not the middle of attraction on this vogue it helps to boost the connected handlebars and therefore the short beard.

A Van Dyke beard is that the neatest thing which will ever happen to your facial hairs. And contrary to what the majority assume it's very versatile since you'll be able to produce many totally different appearance.

3. Classy with Sideburns


The sideburns create all the distinction in this style. They not solely build it look trendy however conjointly give a trendy choice for men who wouldn't wish to urge eliminate all the hairs on the edges of their face.

4. Fresh and Relaxed


Although this beard vogue doesn't have the precise lines of different Van Dyke styles it's a unique relaxed and clean look that creates it look terribly natural. The sides do not have a clean shave, but they are short enough not to interfere with the beard design.

5. Naturally Grown Out



The full facial hairs during this vogue are what makes it look terribly polished. These strands grow in a perfect pattern, and you do not need to do any precise cut to create the style since a few trims for some uniformity will be enough.


6. Classy Van Dyke


This beard has the traditional classy style that you would expect to see with Van Dyke himself. The level of detail and preciseness in shaping the whiskers and therefore the mustache is extremely spectacular. And the clean sides facilitate to confirm that everyone the eye remains on the beard vogue.

7. Cute and Neat French Style


Some men choose to keep things short and simple, and this can be particularly those who don't have an enormous mustache so this style can work absolutely for them. To create it you simply got to maintain a brief whisker and keep the edges at the tier that may build them appear as if you have got not cut them for a couple of days.

8. The Long Stubble


This beard vogue is incredibly simple to form provided you've got full facial hairs. To create this look, you simply got to form it and trim it slightly with scissors to convey them a uniform look. However, you must additionally leave the chin beard a touch longer.

9. Short Ducktail Design


A short ducktail is another twist of the complete beard look, and you'll be able to additionally use it to make a Van Dyke look. To build this style you must trim your facial hairs short however make the lowest of the whiskers match the tail of a duck.


10. The Extended Goatee


For this modern variation, you only need to extend your goatee a little bit towards the area that's usually occupied by your sideburns. You should also make the whiskers blunt, and you can vary the look by changing the shape of your goatee.

11. Full Goatee and Mustache


Although this style looks slightly unkempt, it still makes a stunning vogue. And the smart this can be that it's terribly simple to attain as you simply got to let your goatee and hair grow out.

12. The Gentleman Look


The disconnection within the mustache is one amongst the items that build this vogue excellent. It additionally incorporates short curtain whiskers and cleanly beardless sides that make a sublime gentleman look.


13. The V-Shape Goatee


This vogue is good for men with full facial hairs and a mustache. It is additionally terribly simple to make as you merely got to provides it an overview with a razor and scale back the sideburns slightly. You should then end by giving your beard a V-shape.

14. The Rockabilly Beard


If you've got full facial hairs and would wish to possess a beard vogue that's low maintenance, then you ought to do this rockabilly style. It has the classic Van Dyke whiskers and mustache, however, it additionally has neat sideburns and a soul patch that facilitate to intensify the look.


15. The Moustache, Soul Patch, and Stubble



The beauty of this vogue comes from combining a sharp French mustache, a neat soul patch, and medium chaff. It conjointly has as little and fancy whiskers that help to boost the Van Dyke look.


16. Hollywood Beard Style


The design consists of a simple mustache that is joint to a simple beard but with very short sideburns. It is not a very attention-grabbing design, and so it will be perfect for a man who wants a simple everyday look.

17. Funky Hipster Look


A hipster appearance like this is ideal for any gentleman who wants to keep up with the times and it consists of funky whiskers and a short but neat chin beard.

18. The Full Beard and Chin Puff


This style is another excellent plan of however you'll be able to wear your full facial hairs. It is medium in size, however, everything is connected. However, it conjointly includes a pretty chin puff that helps to boost the planning.

19. Short French Stubble


Short chaff is simply a variation of the complete beard with the sole distinction being that it keeps the hairs terribly short. Apart from this it additionally has blunt handlebars and a soul patch that build it look terribly endearing.

20. Imperial Van Dyke Design


This style is another example of classic Van Dyke facial hairs with a contemporary bit. The modern look comes from extending the whiskers on the edges, however, the handlebars ought to be retro.

21. The Balbo with a Small Goatee


A Balbo is ideal for any man who needs to add some further girth to his skinny frame. It consists of alittle and round whiskers and neat whiskers, however, the 2 aren't connected. This vogue additionally includes a little soul patch that adds a twist to the design.


22. The Box Shape Beard


This style may be a typical Van Dyke vogue, however, it's a box form that creates it look trendy and distinct. The sides even have a clean shave to confirm that they are doing not draw attention far away from your refined vogue.


What Is The Van Dyke Beard?

Named when the celebrated Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyck, the Van Dyke is one amongst the oldest mustache families. Particularly in style among European royalty throughout the Seventeenth Century, it predates the Imperial mustache by over a century.
The style is additionally usually cited because of the “Musketeer” or typically the “Charlie” when King Charles I of England. When wigs came into fashion, their popularity waned.
This even prompted some aristocrats to keep theirs, which were called “vow beards”. They swore to keep them until their king grew it back, which unfortunately for them never happened.
A variation of the style returned in the USA during the second half of the 19th Century. It was signed in style among the military however is healthier noted for its association with the western United States. The style was criticized by the press who advised it indicated a person “who was ungenerous, sinister, and pretentious as a peacock.”

What is the Van Dyke Beard? A beard or Mustache?

  • There is a good discussion on whether or not the Van Dyke could be a beard or so a hair.
  • After all, there's the presence of hair at a lower place the mouth therefore, sure enough, this means that it’s a beard?


  • Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as that. Unlike the Circle or Anchor beard, the chin is only partly concealed by growth.
  • The result's a formed facial hairstyle as opposition the Inverted T beard vogue.
  • As antecedently mentioned, Van Dyke is a very old family. Today, most designs that square measure known mutually are seeming nearer relatives to the Balbo beard family. For example, Johnny Reb Deep, Pierce Brosnan, and even Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov are related to it.
However, in every case, theirs are better categorized as Anchor beards. Nevertheless, there's one trendy example of the Van Dyke that everybody is conversant in which belongs to the founder and face of KFC, Colonel Sanders.