Hunk Mustache Styles

50 Hottest Hunk Mustache Styles Collection (2019)

Mustache Styles, Whether you spell it ‘mustache’ or ‘moustache’, there is no question that it’s been a long mainstay of the male higher lip. If you’re able to adopt your own, you’ll before long learn that there area unit many sorts of hair to play with – and not all mustaches area unit created equal. Check out our list of the simplest here, and notice one that completely enhances your look.

Types of Mustache Styles


1. Chevron Mustache


Definitely not a keep mustache, the Chevron displays itself loudly and with pride upon the wearer’s high lip, representing a hefty vogue statement. Grow some beard stubble below it, and you’ll have an even more formidable look that will attract knowing nods of appreciation from closet connoisseurs of the finest trimmed mustache styles.

Best Suited for: If you’ve got tiny options, the chevron can dominate your face. If not, you’re fine to require this sturdy hair vogue on.

Chevron Mustache

2. Horseshoe Mustache


Lacking u breeding of the bar mustache or the fragile fronds of the Fu Manchu, the horseshoe is that the less-civilised ‘black sheep’ of the mustache family. You might have last seen it on Hulk Hogan or another of his professional belligerent brethren, inflicting the maximum amount dangerous luck as the other turned horseshoe.

Best Suited for: spherical and sq. faces wanting to feature some length.

Horseshoe Mustache

3. Dallas Mustache


With its hint of a cowboy, the metropolis has long been one in every of the foremost with confidence masculine cut hair designs. Just take care to shampoo and trim it frequently, to create positive you don’t find yourself smelling sort of a cowboy, too. Unlike labor a steer, the metropolis is straightforward to achieve: follow our 5 steps, and it ought to take simply some months to require stunning result.

Best Suited for: Square faces. Embrace that strong jaw with a strong ‘tache.

Dallas Mustache

4. Zappa Mustache


The Zappa mustache is the maximum amount an occurrence as Frank Zappa himself, combining a large soul patch with a full mustache growing slightly past the corners of the mouth. As a rule of thumb, the fuller your Zappa ‘tache is, the higher – though not like another mustache styles, it is not too high-maintenance either. A bit of stubble will complement it nicely.

Best Suited for: rectangular faces, or those seeking a lot of definition.

Zappa Mustache

5. Pyramid Mustache


This refined mustache is characterized by a good base that slightly narrows because it reaches the nose. When it’s done right – and rest assured that this is not one among the more difficult short mustache styles to grow – the pyramid ‘tache can look smart on almost any face form, its borders simply maintained with chaff or exactitude trimmer.

Best Suited for: A well-constructed pyramid mustache can suit most.

Pyramid Mustache

6. Clark Gable Mustache


For a classy look from the old-fashioned, there will certainly be no higher mustache than the histrion, this thickish pencil-thin range exuding the category of the Hollywood legend. It’s one of the most distinguished and tidy types of mustache around ¬– but be warned, daily upkeep is required to sustain the impeccable facial hair standards of Gable himself.

Best Suited for: Nearly everybody, however, it will merge into the background if your hair is pale.

Clark Gable Mustache

7. Military Mustache


Also called the ’cop stache’ in some quarters, the military mustache – with its prime hooklike edges and a lower edge that willn’t grow over the lip – very does command instant attention and respect. Add an asteroid badge for additional ‘law enforcement’ attractiveness.

Best Suited for: sq. faces with well-defined jaw lines area unit well complemented by this sturdy ‘tache.

Military Mustache

8. Pencil-thin Mustache


Few mustache styles exude the vintage sophistication and sophistication of the pencil-thin mustache, that was favored by such true greats as Errol Flynn and David Niven. Just confirm you have got the fashionable wardrobe to match.

Best Suited for: just like the natural ‘tache, the pencil-thin suits nearly any face. One of the higher mustache styles for skinny hair, too.

Pencil-thin Mustache

Mustache with or without Beard – Beard Styles

  • You can wear a beard with just about any mustache, however, that doesn’t essentially mean you must. Some ‘stache styles simply look higher on their own. The Salvidor Dali and Fu Manchu simply mentioned area unit 2 of them. The Flynn looks better sans beard, as well.
  • On the full, however, the majority of mustache types appear even more virile and masculine with the addition of a beard or goatee. A bar mustache is rugged however refined once you combine it with a little face fungus. The Zappa depends on a soul patch beard.
  • Just like the other form of facial hair or haircut, certain mustache styles look better with specific facial shapes. Try a mustache with some rear if you’ve got a triangular face. A long face advantages from a full, thick chevron ‘stache.
  • Play around with what looks sexy. You can tweak any variety of mustache to fit your face, you know. You might simply need to get artistic — experimental, even.

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Pride of Mustache

The mustache has perpetually commanded a definite level of respect – the commitment needed to grow and maintain one being widely known. Today, mustaches area unit enjoying one thing of a revival among the well-groomed, sharply-dressed and trendy set. This is partially right down to the recognition of ‘November’, that conjures up a recent crop of mustaches annually as guys select a mo’ to lift cash for and awareness of male health and wellbeing issues.

If you’re able to take part this year, you can’t get it wrong with one among the mustache styles here. If you discover it’s not for you, well, you’ll be able to forever shave it off – or graduate to a thick, full beard for Christmas.

Image result for mustache pride


Mustache Grooming Tips

Here area unit some tips to assist groom your Mustache.


  • Rather than merely hoping that no corn kernels area unit moldering away in there, shampoo your ‘stache when you shower.


  • Mustaches are coarse and dense. They get prickly. Do a solid for all the individuals in your life United Nations agency get pleasure from fondling you and condition your mustache when you shampoo it.


  • Steam your whole face, actually. Pamper yourself. Seriously, laundry your face with hot bath linen or towel, or just draping a hot towel over your face, will steam your skin and your hair follicles. It conjointly cleans the hidden skin to a lower place your mo, which can eliminate itchiness and dryness.


  • You’ll still want product if you propose to vogue your ‘stache in Associate in Nursing extreme fashion, ala the handlebar. However, you’ll train the hair to grow and lay in an exceedingly explicit direction. It simply involves heaps of careful hair care, ideally with a fine tooth comb.


  • Regular trimming maintenance is a must. Wild or uneven hairs area unit instantly visible as a result of they’re right there hanging over your higher lip. With some mustache varieties, a little electrical trimmer can work. In most cases, you’re more contented exploitation tiny barber scissors or scissors designed for facial hair. Always snip rigorously and guardedly, cutting solely a bit at a time.


Coolest Mustache Styles you can Try in 2019

Mustaches area unit a large trend among guys and their area unit several new trends that area unit bobbing up with the passage of your time. If you are wondering about the best mustache styles that are in fashion and how you can get a stylish mustache then read this post to get an idea about it. 

We have gathered the 33 classiest and best mustache styles for you to require a glance and check out-out.

Best Collection of Beard styles
Mustache Styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles
Best Collection of Beard styles