How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard: You should not mess with it as a minimum for that amount of time. If you can let it grow for a few months, you’ll know what you have. I’d suggest that you also get your first trim by a barber-he (or she!) can put any lines you want in the right places and then you can keep them. 

The speed of your hair depends on your genes. 

It may take a minute of 2 months for a beard to grow (medium length). It may take 3 to 4 months to grow a long and very thick one. 

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

I would suggest that you need at least 6 weeks before you know what it’s gonna look like. 


I don’t think any beard oil will help speed up the growth of the hair. They are used for maintenance and conditioning. 

For good growth :

  1. Eat well. Take food with B vitamins.
  2. Stay hydrated.
  3. Have good sleep.
  4. Get some workout. It helps to bring out testosterone. Testosterone is necessary to develop male characteristics such as tone and beard.
  5. Get some vitamin D from the sunlight.

Refrain from trimming the beard during this period. During the early stages you might feel itchy, but keep going. With some moisturizer or beard oil, you can stop itching.

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

For everybody, it’s different. Some people can walk from clean – shaven to noticeable stubble during a working day. That’s why it’s called a ” 5-o’clock shadow, ” like it, a man who shaves before work if his beard grows fast, looks like he has a shadow on his face at the end of the work. 

Some guys can’t grow beards. I’m sorry for them. I haven’t been clean- shaven in almost 8 years now, but I had to do it twice a week back when I did shave. That’s how fast my beard has grown.

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

Follow these Steps :

Have patience

You must have heard the saying,’ Rome was not built in one day.’ When it came to beards, it was never truer. Surely patience is the key. Many people expect to wait a week and look back at Brian Blessed, but that’s not the case.

What’s important to remember is that the facial hair of everyone grows at a different rate. You may not notice a great deal of change for the first week or so, but given the time( I would recommend that you grow it for 3 months to see its full potential), you will start to see your beard form.

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

Choose your style

So hopefully you have a reasonable length of your beard. You’re ready to decide on which style.

The choices are truly endless. From a goat-like Ali G to a full one with Brian Blessed, you have to take the time to make the right choice. You don’t want to shave off some of your beards to create a goat, just to realize that it’s not suitable for you!

Instead, look at the chart below in the style of Real Men Real. While I’m sure you’ll find many other beard styles, these are certainly the most popular.

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

Choose one that suits the look you seek. You should also consider how long you are willing to keep your beard, as the longer it gets, the more time you will generally have to spend on it to keep it look good.

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

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Define your neckline

As I said earlier, growing a beard that rocks is not just a case of allowing it to grow. You must also reach the beard trimmer or razor and set your neckline.

Why are you asking? Well, unless you want to look natural or connect your beard to your chest hair,( yes) creating a neckline helps to outline the bottom of your beard.

Now be warned, you’ve got to be careful. One wrong move and you’re gonna look at a misshaped beard and face the prospect of going back. The key error to avoid is to cut the neckline too high because it can make you look like you’ve got a double chin. Not cool! Not cool!

Use beard oil

After your beard has grown to a certain length, you must take proper care of it. I don’t mean to wash it with the shampoo you use for your hair every now and then.

You should start using beard oil instead. It not only helps your beard look awesome, but it also stops the frightened itch– one of the main reasons why men decide to shave off their beard.

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For everybody, it’s different. Some people do not grow beards physically, while others sprout facial hair in the early stages of puberty.

I belong to the latter group and I usually have to grow a full beard for no less than 1 month. I’d say that’s a pretty general rule of thumb; let it go for a month if you try to grow a beard. This is the only way to unlock your beard’s potential and see where it can be taken. I’m on my second beard journey for 4 months now. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something new or test their own determination. 

How Long does it take to Grow a Beard

I say test resolve because it’s not always a pleasant experience, food is stuck in it and some days it’s patchy and ugly, but at the end of the experience I can’t help but feel that I’ve gained some sort of personal growth (no pun intended).